Cre8tive Now - The GiG Factor


GiG economy often associated with freelancers or part-timers where is a free market system whereby organization or company hires independent or temporary worker for just a short-term commitment.

The rise of social media and internet pushes the bloom of gig economy. In Malaysia, most of the gig economy is contributed by e-hailing and startups.

With the rise of the cost of living and never catching up income, gig economy becomes the income gap filler for the people especially the millennial. The gig economy climb even further when Covid-19 pandemic hits the country causing the downfall of some of the companies, increasing the unemployment rate. Gig economy is then becoming a platform for those unemployed people to earn some money for livings.

In Cre8tive Now, we fully encourage and even the company is designed to be gig-friendly enterprise to stay competitive in the market. In fact, most of the workers in Cre8tive Now belongs to long-term gig worker which we personally select and interviewed to make sure that our product and work quality remains to be top of the class. The gig workers in Cre8tive Now consist of youth from students to young working adults which are young, vibrant, curious and susceptible to changes. 

The Gig workers in Cre8tive Now benefits from experience, time flexibility and extra incomes generated from the projects they worked on. They are also having chances to expose to solving the real world issue, additional knowledge and a learning group to improves their skills.

Cre8tive Now employs remote working, allows most of the gig workers to be able to keep in touch and work on a project together without any boarder constrains. This working environment is great and is sustainable and susceptible to great impact such as the pandemic.

We hope that the enterprises are able to sustain with the hit of pandemic and make future-proof changes and plans. If you need some digital transformation consultation, feel free to contact |